Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What happens when the teacher is sick?

Not much!  I've been home battling bronchitis and just couldn't imagine sharing it in our tight quarters.   But meanwhile,  the countdown is on and all the art moms are tying up the loose ends for the grand ga-la-la this Friday night.

Since I have nothing to show you, I thought I'd post a few photos of the tools of our trade:

Now this last one is one I'd rather not even have in the studio!  Yes, the erasers.   I'd prefer the focus to be more on the process than perfection - so I do my best to talk our artists out of erasers if I can.

After the break, we'll be getting into our three dimensional work and spending lots of time with our hands in clay!   Can't wait.

Friday, March 5, 2010

This is not a Pipe

One of Surrealist's Rene Magritte's famous paintings is entitled "This is Not a Pipe."
With this image the artist was suggesting that a painting of a pipe, regardless of how realistic it might be,  is not really a pipe.  You may disagree, but there will be no disagreement when you walk down our first floor hallway.  What you will witness is an entire network of pipes!
Here's a fraction of that network: 

I've been told that the average museum guest spends an average of 3 seconds in front of each work of art.   I suggest you take all the time you need to check out the network of pipes created by our artists.  One way or another we are all connected -  and this wonderful collaborative installation is a metaphor for our interconnectedness.  A special thanks to Suzanne Seigneur for heading up the network of art moms who took time out of their busy day to install the work.   And be sure to thank your favorite artist for their beautiful artwork.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring Flinging with Mrs. Wangsgard Class

Here's a sneak peak at Mrs. Wangsgard's first grade class entry for Spring Fling. "After the children created circles, the pieces were scanned.  From digital images, color copies were made and cut out.  Then we carefully arranged the photos on the table.  (It may not look like it but we spent some time creating a colorful border and avoiding duplicate colors next to one another.)  Then we started the decoupage process.  After a few coats, a final lacquer coat was applied to the whole table."   .

Arranging circles

Decoupage, 1st coat

Watching glue dry . . .

Individual sale items

All the kids seem to be excited about the table.  We hope you will come by the classroom and see it for yourself.

Kathy and Susie