Sunday, January 17, 2010

Paper Sculptures

Continuing from last week’s theme of negative space, third through sixth grade artists examined the negative space in three dimensional art and architecture.  We also considered how balance is such a critical element of three-dimensional work.
The work of Henri Moore

The work of Buckminster Fuller

Artists were given an assortment of colored paper strips and asked to create a three dimensional sculpture on a 4” x 6” paper base.  The only guidelines were to have only two contact points with the base and to alter each strip in some way, such as cutting, folding, twisting or punching.   The results were amazing! 

Watch their process and the results below.  Then click on the images to see how our artists successfully used negative space and balance to create these awesome sculptures!

This is the work of Mrs. Foltz's third grade class.

Below you will see individual sculptures in the process of creation:

Watch for the fun negative space drawing project of a very familiar, common object next week.