Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rainbows and Tennis Balls

Well, you wouldn't think they have a lot in common, but they do!  That's what going on in the East End Studio this week.  Rainbows and tennis balls.  Well, rainbow colors and stools with tennis balls.  And of course,  a few of the projects  that are beginning to take shape for the upcoming Spring Fling Ga-la-la will be filling in the empty spaces!  And I can tell you, it will be grand.

So, take a close look at this photo.  Sure, you've seen it before, if you've been following the blog.  But you will soon see some exquisite renderings in pastel of these very same stools.  Some of the students will be taking some liberties to change the color of the tennis balls to other florescent colors, but make no mistake about it!  These are the stools that hold the artists that make the art that celebrates the creativity that's unleashed in the East End Studio!

Now, allow me to introduce Mr. Roy G. Biv.  Great guy, Colorful to say the least.  He's one of those all around, full spectrum kind of people.  We are talking FULL SPECTRUM, as in
redorangeyellowbluegreeinindigoviolet.  Mr Roy G. Biv will be appearing in all the kindergarten through third grade classes this week and he'll be showing us how to do some interesting tricks with parallel lines and all the colors of the rainbow.

I'll be posting some photos of artist's work, so don't forget to check back.