Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Can you picture it?

Imagine that you just received a small one inch square of a black and white photograph.   And that one inch square was just one of 35 other one inch squares that altogether would create a photograph of a very important person.  And then imagine that it just happened to be President's Day.

Here's one of those one inch squares!

Get the picture?   Well, both Mr. Socia's class and Mrs. Stewart's finally did.  After doing a few shading exercises with charcoal pencils,  each student had a chance to reproduce their one inch square on a four inch square of paper.  Then we assembled all the four inch squares to create a collaborative drawing.

Here's the work of Mrs. Stewart's class

And Mr. Socia's class:

And here's the original photograph!

Happy Presiden'ts day Mr. President!