Tuesday, February 9, 2010

So Much Activity!

Glass mosaics, printmaking, scherinschnitting, enameling, assemblaging, painting, ceramics, glazing, you'd think we have an art studio!   If there are a couple of new words in there that you don't quite recognize,  believe me, after March 19 they will definitely be part of your vocabulary.

And meanwhile, back in art class we've been doing a few things, too!  The lower grades have been incorporating symmetry and mirror imagery in their work.   Ask your young artist to demonstrate  a mirror image with you, and I can assure you a fun time will be had by all!

Take a look at  abstract diptychs created by Mrs. Doell's class.   We folded squares of color in half to cut symmetrical shapes and then stacked them to make our cool and warm abstract collages.

The upper grades have been learning how to include "volume" in their drawing.  And we practiced by observing the network of overhead pipes in our studio.  I'll be posting some images soon and be sure to check out the hallways in a week or so.  

The two GATE classes have a field trip scheduled this week and next to check out New York Artist Ellen Scott's exhibition at The Hemingway Gallery at Boise State.

We've been so very busy, and I hope our artists are loving it as much as I do!

And please, take a minute to thank an Art Mom or Dad the next time you see one.  They have been extremely busy helping in the classroom and heading up projects for the Spring Fling!