Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Chance of Snow Flurries

After a week-end of abundant snow (and despite the rain) we talked about how snow changes the landscape, particularly trees.  Students described  snow that  blankets the tree branches as "skeletons" with" rabbit fur, or squeezed out glue, frosting, and dustings of sugar and flour."

We then had a brief lesson in drawing a tree by using a large Y shape to establish the trunk and two major branches.  The artists then added more Y shapes to create additional branches and continued on making smaller and smaller Y shapes to complete their trees.  The students then practiced modifying the base of the large Y to make different shaped tree trunks and the Y  shaped branches were modified by adding curves to the legs of the Y shapes.

This lesson was found at and was submitted by Ned Fox of Spokane

After practicing these techniques the students created large trees with brown crayon on blue paper.   Snow was added to the branches and each student made  a decision on how  they could include additional snow in their drawings.  The final process included doing a water color wash of midnight blue over the entire drawing.

I have posted a variety of drawing from several artists.  The winter wonderland of snow capped trees are beautiful and many will be displayed in the hallways, so please take a minute to stop and enjoy the creativity of our East End Studio Artists.