Thursday, December 3, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

This week we looked at paintings by American artist Beverly Buchanan and German artist Gabrielle Munter.  After discussing the paintings, students used pencil and oil pastels to draw pictures of their own homes.  We talked about the colors, lines and shapes used by both artists and how light is revealed in each artist's work.

This  1989 oil pastel is by American artist Beverly Buchanan.

This 1911 oil painting is of a village in Germany painted by artist Gabriele Munter.

Many students did pencil sketches of their homes before adding oil pastel.  Grades four, fix and six drew directly in their sketch books, while kindergarten through third grade drew on 12 x 18 construction paper.

After drawing the basic shapes, students added color.

 Photos of the initial drawings and the completed work below are by artists from Mrs. Wangsgard's first grade class.  Many of the art moms and dads were so pleased to recognize their own homes and those of their student's playmates as they watched the artists at work.

Click on the images to enlarge and see if you recognize your home created by your  East End Studio artist.

Here are Mrs. Greenwood's first grade class drawings:

Home Sweet Home