Monday, December 7, 2009

Fundred Dollar Bills

What do the words juxtapose, snowflake, bookmark and fundred dollar bills all have in common?   They are the themes of our art projects this week in the East End Studio. If it sounds like a mixed bag, it is.  There will be quite an assortment of projects this week.  Lower grades will be painting water color - crayon resist snowflakes (with just a touch of sparkle) and celebrating our first big snowfall of the year.  The first graders have a Christmas gift project underway and the upper grades are working with the theme of juxtaposition in their compositions.  If there's any time left after projects are completed students can make a fundred dollar bill to support a project to get lead out of older schools.

Ask your students which project they completed this week. And if you're student is a fourth, fifth or sixth grader, they have hopefully added the word juxtapose to their vocabulary.

Mrs. Doell's morning class painted some beautfiul snowflakes using white pastels,  watercolors and a wash of midnight blue.  Please click on the individual photos to enlarge for a better view of your artist's work.

Mr. Downey's Gate class enjoyed juxtaposing two National Geographic photographs by deconstructing both images and then reassembling the images as one.

An finally, here's a quick look at Mrs. Greenwood's class Christmas present project.

Only one more week before the holiday winter break.