Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sketchbooks and Portfolios

You probably already know this, but the fourth, fifth and sixth grades students all have their own sketchbooks.  We keep them in the studio bookcase and they're available to work in when the students finish their assigned projects.  Next week the students will be working directly in their sketchbooks as we take a critical look at artwork held in the collections of important museums.  After comparing and contrasting some of these major works, the upper grades will respond to the work directly in their sketchbooks, while the lower grades will work on paper to be filed in their portfolios.   And in case you haven't been down to the studio, here are some photos of  sketchbooks and  student's portfolios that I took earlier in the year.

Thank you to the PTA for these wonderful sketch books

This is a shot of our wall of portfolios before they started filling up with our weekly art projects!

By the way, we'll  be taking down the cave walls.  But the work won't be gone for good, it'll be set aside for a later date for student's to incorporate in assemblage and collage projects.

This last week offered a time to reflect on what each and everyone of us holds to be dear and then offer our thanksgiving.  I am truly thankful to have the opportunity to make art each week with your children.