Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Time for the Turkey Trot!

The East End Studio was busy all week  preparing turkeys for the annual luncheon! These turkeys are headed for the table, but not in the usual way.  They'll be decorating our tables, so make sure to find the one with your child's name and grab that gobbler and take him home.

We started the project by stuffing disposable gloves with a delicious assortment of colored crepe paper.

The children stuffed the thumb and fingers of the glove to create the turkey's head and feathers.  They then went to the tubs of shredded paper to fill the body and mounted the "bird" on a stand.  Eyes and beaks and an occasional waddle and hat were the final touches.  One kindergartner exclaimed "I was born ready to make these turkeys!"

But what would a harvest table be without a cornucopia?  The upper grades were busy making turkeys and harvesting hand made vegetables, too.   They started with apples.  Or are they tomatoes?  They could even be pomegranates!  Your call.

And then they moved to eggplants!

The harvest grew to include some carrots:

And then there were demands for fresh greens, so the lettuce and cabbage began filling the bushel, or was it a peck??  Oh, the peck was the sound of this little turkey who kept turning up in every crate.

Again and again

and again!

Oh, don't miss the nearly two dozen ears of corn made by Mr. Downey's class that will also fill the cornucopia centerpieces on the luncheon tables.   It will be a delicious feast, as well as a  feast for your eyes and a reminder to be thankful and to continue to count our blessings.

Happy, happy thanksgiving from the East End Studio and all the children and fabulous art moms who worked so hard to make your feast so enjoyable!

Bon Appetit!