Monday, November 16, 2009

A School of Turkeys!

I know, it's supposed to be a flock of turkeys, isn't it?  Or is it a gaggle of turkeys, or a swarm of turkeys, . . .  maybe it's a team of turkeys?   All I know is we have  a school and studio plum full of turkeys, so we'll settle for a "school of turkeys".  They'll be pecking their way through the Thanksgiving luncheon and gobbling their way into your hearts.   You're invited to help your student find his or her gobbler before leaving the luncheon and then take them home and put them in a prominent place  on your holiday table.  Each student stuffed his or her bird with recycled newspapers and colored crepe paper, so their brightly colored versions put these pale creatures to shame.

Just wait until you see our fine feathered friends!