Thursday, November 12, 2009

Starlight, Sunlight

     To celebrate next week's Leonid Meteor Shower, the  third, fourth, fifth, sixth and GATE classes designed 12 point shooting stars.   Starting with a piece of white paper, students placed two large points anywhere within the borders of their paper.  They then randomly added 12 smaller points and connected each of the 12 small points to the two larger points to create a geometric design.  Choosing either a warm or cool palette, students filled in the interior shapes with colored pencil and used a black sharpie pen to outline the colored shapes.  Once the "stars" were complete, students cut them out and glued them to black paper.  The final touch included an option for the addition of glitter for sparkle!  You'll find many of the stars shining in the classrooms and hallways. 
     Check out the meteor project done by Mrs. Heusser's class:

Here's the work of Mr. Socia's class:

 Students in grades K - 2 were inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's Enclosed Field with Rising Sun 27-2/3" x 35-1/2" oil painting and created an impressionist landscape of field, fence, mountains and a bright ball of sunshine. 

     Using colors similar to those found in the original VanGoh oil painting, students dipped only their index finger in tempera to paint a textured, foreground, middle ground and background.  Our portfolios are filling up with wonderful works of art!

     Here's the work of Mrs. Engel's class:

Your students are shining like the stars and the sun!  And we're having a great time, too!