Sunday, November 8, 2009

Scratch Foam Arborglyph Prints

This week we learned about arborglyphs (tree carvings) made by immigrant shepherds in the mountains of Idaho. Students looked at photos of aspen trees and identified the various marks that appear on the bark.   


Each student was then given a sheet of scratch foam to carve their own names with the marks they witnessed to make their own arborglyph prints.  After etching in the foam with a small stick, the foam plate was rolled up with light gray ink and placed on the center of a black strip of paper and run through an etching press.  

Here's a close up of an etching:

Students then rolled light gray ink over their foam plate and brought it to the etching press.

They carefully placed their foam plate in the center of the black paper and covered their inked foam with the printing blanket.

When the blanket was in place, the students turned the handle on the etching press to produce their prints.

After moving the print through the press, the blanket was lifted and the foam plate was removed to reveal the fresh print.

The prints were then taken to their work stations and students sponged on color to represent autumn leaves on their aspen arborglyphs.

Enjoy the beautfiul arborglyph prints made by our students!  Be sure to click on the individual images to enlarge each photo.